We have successfully conducted bank appraisal for one of Mongolia's major retail banks. The project consists of 6 major components:

  1. Management Information Systems Report

  2. Market Research Ger Area Strategy

  3. Retail Branding

  4. Sample Branch Business Plan

  5. Human Resource Appraisal and Strategy

  6. ADRA Strategic Alliance

Management Information Systems Report

We have conducted complex assessment on the management information system of the bank as well as compared it with other MIS used by local and international banks. Several drawbacks and issues were detected with the bank’s MIS which we have provided solutions and recommendations for improvement.

Market Research and Ger Area Strategy

Objective of the research was to study the ger area in terms of loaning, service satisfaction, preferred loan terms, bank’s physical location and its influence, marketing, business advice, and information need. The research was conducted through face-to-face interview and group interview. 30 middle and above middle income households, 42 low-income and resettled households were sampled from 3 microdistricts of Bayanzurkh district. The three microdistricts differs in term of their distance from the city center.

According to the market research it was concluded that:

  1. An under-utilization of bank branch infrastructure and an over-concentration of risks;

  2. An excess banking infrastructure creating both inter and intra-bank competition; and

  3. A large unmet demand for financial services in ger-areas.

Based on this conclusion we have developed a ger-area strategy with new outreach techniques and new loan products to enhance and expand the bank’s microfinance operations.

Retail Branding Report

After extensive consultation with the bank employees, we have introduced a re-branding strategy for the retail operation of the bank. We have based the re-branding with 6 criteria of differentiation, importance, easily communicated, superior, instant recognition, affordability, and profitability. Thus, we integrated the 6 criteria and introduced “Family Banking.”

In the framework of full rebranding, we designed:

  • Family Banking logo

  • Family Banking tag-line

  • Family Banking positioning tag-line

  • Distinct Family Banking colors

  • A Model Branch Office design

  • Brochure

  • Radio advertisement

  • Leaflets

  • Pilot projects for the low-cost promotion of the new brand

Sample Branch Office Business Plan

A business plan was developed for a single branch to pilot for 17 months from August, 2005 to December 2006. The plan contemplates the improvement of current branch performance, expansion of financial service activities, diversification of activities and further improvement of overall branch performance.

Human resource Department Appraisal and Strategy

A complex assessment was conducted on the human resource operation of the bank.

  1. Corporate culture

  2. Performance targets

  3. Human resource focus

  4. Work systems

  5. Employee learning and development program

  6. Employee well-being and satisfaction

  7. The human resource department budget

ADRA Strategic Alliance

We have also made recommendation and efforts to foster strategic partnership in favor of the bank’s efforts to strategic expand its microfinance efforts. As a result, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ADRA and the bank as part of Ulaanbaatar Micro Economic Development Project. These two organizations were to cooperate in the development of loan products, community outreach, and training activities for disadvantaged, low-income urban entrepreneurs in the ger areas during the period from June 1st 2005 to May 31st 2006 with specific objectives to achieve.

Training Modules

Trainings were delivered to the MPB employees under the following subjects:

  1. Corporate brand training

  2. Microfinance overview training

  3. Customer loyalty training

  4. Branch manager consultative training

  5. Key concepts in microfinance

  6. Microfinance methodology

  7. New product development