“One of Achid’s  most noteworthy and innovative projects is the “Rural Finance Company Model” where the project purpose revolves around increasing financial inclusivity in rural areas whilst educating the locals on financial means.  This model of  financial company serves its purpose by encouraging the locals to get involved in the management and ownership of the company. The company is entering the second decade of its successful operation.”


Advisor and former CEO
Achid Consulting LLC

“As a multi-layered complex project, the Urban Credit Union Development initiative played a vital role in creating a positive ecosystem for the SCUs by strengthening them at micro level such as thoroughly training the human resource as well as taking macro level actions in regards to the SCU infrastructure. Such includes cooperating with the Financial Regulatory Committee on drafting a new bill on stabilization fund.”


Former CEO
Achid Consulting LLC

“We’ve helped the government go through a licensing and regulatory process. On this last trip (FEB-APR 2008), seeing a Board formed and developing a business plan for the Mongolian Confederation of Credit Unions with a very strong regulatory flavor was a real sense of accomplishment. Although many international projects are merely bandaids, this one is much more than that: it’s about sustainability.”


Technical Consultant
Urban Credit Union Development Project